In the age of self-driving cars, watch-sized computers, and robots on a mission to Mars, why must we still suffer poor quality in audioconferencing?

In case you have no answer, we do.

Why Is Our Technology Special?


Artificial intelligence determines from a single microphone when and how much echo and near-end sounds are present.


The system tracks any subtle change in the room, such as people and objects moving, all that under any hostile scenario.


Prepared for stereo, whether it is in audioconferencing, in-car mobile calls, or with advanced speech interfaces.


Our technology removes efficiently nonlinear acoustic echo caused by small loudspeakers driven to maximum loudness.


The machine learning framework that powers our solution is one of a kind and patented with WIPO International Patent System. Hence, we have taken care to protect it.


Our software algorithm is lightweight, it runs in the client side, and it is available on any computing platform.

How Good Is It? Hear For Yourself

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